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Children's Eyecare

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Eye tests for children

The most important part of eye care for children is ensuring they have their eyes tested by a qualified optometrist on a regular basis. Most of what children learn is visual and ensuring that any problems with their eyes are caught and corrected early on is vital to protecting their development and well-being.


Our optometrists know precisely the kind of eye problems that can affect children of different ages and each examination is specialised to ensure each child gets testing and care that is right for them.

Looking after your child's eye health

Eye health for children is a vital part of taking care of their general well-being. The effect uncorrected vision loss can have on education and development is huge, not to mention the difficulties caused by eye conditions.


Our mission is to ensure that every child in our community gets the eye care they need so they can enjoy their most precious sense without difficulty.  

Kid's eyewear

We welcome children of all ages to explore our range of glasses. Our eyewear selection includes quality frames in a wide variety of styles and our dispensing team are happy to help even our youngest clients find glasses that they’re happy with.


All of our glasses are made from strong, lightweight materials that are comfortable and durable to suit even the most adventurous children.

Young girl having an eye examination
Young girl wearing contact lenses
Contact lenses for children

Some parents are reluctant for their children to use contact lenses rather than glasses because it may seem more difficult or complicated.


The truth is children can wear contact lenses safely and comfortably and they are easier to use than ever before. We can fit even young children with contact lenses that are perfect for their eyes so they can enjoy vision correction in a way that works for them.

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