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Express your style in beautiful eyewear

The right eyewear not only expresses your personal style but compliments and completes your overall look. We stock a variety of brands we love, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere, so you can enjoy a style that’s just for you.


Our curated selection is regularly updated with our favourite new designs to make sure you get the best available.

Styling the perfect pair of frames

As independent opticians, we are free to create a boutique eyewear experience that we think our patients will love.


You’ll notice that we offer something a bit different when you enter our practice. With amazing niche brands like Gotti, Moscot and Orgreen we can fit you with designs that are unique to your style.


Our dispensing team are experts in eyewear styling and can help you match frames to your face shape and complexion as well as making sure to consider any lifestyle requirements you tell us about.

Clear vision with quality spectacle lenses

Quality spectacle lenses are the perfect partner for a good pair of frames.


We source the best available to ensure that all of our clients enjoy clear vision without distortion.


There is a selection of lenses available with different thicknesses, looks and coatings – this way you can not only pick an exciting new pair of frames but find lenses to match.

Lady wearing designer spectacles
Prescription sunglasses

Quality sunglasses are an important part of everyone’s personal eyewear selection. Aside from being a perfect complement to outdoor looks, they provide vital protection from the sun and help you to keep your eyes feeling comfortable.


With prescription sunglasses, you can enjoy all this and perfect vision based on your exact prescription. Our selection of sunglasses frames has something for everyone so you can enjoy a spectacular look in style and comfort.


Prescription sunglasses
Sports eyewear
Top performing sports eyewear

We also offer an exciting array of eyewear for sport and travel. With the most professional designs available you can enjoy the same comfort and eye protection as top athletes. We want to make sure you end up with frames that are perfect for you so let us know about any specific requirements you have and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

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